Wake County ABC Annual Grant Process

County: Wake

Grantee: Healing Transitions

Title: Wake County ABC Annual Grant Process

Description: Every year, Wake County ABC awards funding to non-profit agencies in alignment with NCGS 18B-805(H). One of the 501(c)(3) organizations that has had tremendous success is Healing Transitions. This organization serves homeless, uninsured, and underserved individuals with alcohol and other substance abuse problems through non-medical detoxification, overnight emergency shelter, and a long-term, peer run recovery program. The contact for this organization is Mr. Chris Budnick and can be reached at 919.838.9800 or cbudnick@healing-transitions.org.

Why This Project Was Chosen: This organization does a world of good for the Wake County Community. There is no other organization that (1) makes it easier for people to access service free of charge; (2) provides services on demand; (3) works with people as many times as it takes; (4) uses peers to offer hope, support, accountability/role modeling; and (5) works completely with the community to connect with additional mental health, faith/spiritual help, fitness, and life skills. (see attached grant application explaining the organization more in depth)_

Who This Project Impacted: This organization works 24/7 and served over 2,400 people in 2018. They have both men’s facilities and women’s facilities with an average of 305 people per night.

Results of Project: Wake County is a more stable and sustainable community for the efforts of this organization.