School Safety

Name of Board: Montgomery County ABC Board

County: Montgomery

Grantee: Montgomery County Schools

Title of Project: School Safety

Description of Project: In order to improve the safety of our school buildings, a program called Enforce 911 was purchased. This program provides every school employee with an app that can be downloaded to a mobile device. If an intruder enters a school building, the school employee can provide information about the intruder directly to the sheriff’s office personnel. It allows the law enforcement responders to obtain information that will help identify what the intruder looks like, and also provides law enforcement officials up-to-date information about the last known location of the intruder within the building. It is hoped that this will enable successful apprehension the intruder in a shorter time. The cost of this program was $18,000.

Why you chose it: With the number of active shooter attacks within school buildings on the rise nationwide, this provided a way to better protect our students and staff in case this type of scenario was to occur within Montgomery County Schools.

Who this project impacted: It impacts all students and staff within our schools.

Results of Project: The program has been successfully tested and is ready to use if the need arises.