Take the Pledge to Stop Underage Drinking

The Pledge makes ongoing conversations part of your regular routine. It provides simple steps both parents and teens can take to stop underage drinking.


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Do you know someone struggling with burnout? In this informative webinar, you’ll learn tips and strategies to help better handle stressful situations and feelings. Our presenter, Jessica DeShong, will discuss how to recognize the signs of burnout, how to support your children, and what tools to use to help relax and find balance. With practical advice, simple tools, and a supportive atmosphere, you’ll walk away with confidence and know how to make your child’s life less overwhelming. Join us to learn how to help navigate burnout!


Underage drinking in North Carolina starts earlier, and comes with higher costs, than we imagine. Not just dollars and cents, but lives lost, futures irrevocably altered, brains forever impaired — all of the physical, social and emotional damage that can weigh down tweens and teenagers for the rest of their lives.

Your kids may already be more aware of alcohol than you think. And they’re almost certainly ready to hear what you have to say.

Start your conversations now. And stop underage drinking in your family.

Together, We Are The Solution.


Average age children in North Carolina take their first drink 1

8 in 10

NC middle schoolers say if parents spoke more often to their children about underage drinking, it would help stop the problem. 2


Percentage of North Carolina students who say underage drinking is a problem. 3

  • NC Medical Society

Start The Conversation. Stop Underage Drinking.