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How to Talk About Alcohol Abuse & Misuse

Learn ways help prevent underage drinking before it starts

Preparing To Start The Conversation

At Talk it Out NC, we understand that talking to young people about underage drinking can feel intimidating. So, we’ve put together a toolkit to help you navigate through the different stages of the conversation.

As you talk to the young people in your life about alcohol abuse and misuse, these resources will help you:

  • Get the facts and stats from the substance use prevention field

  • Understand the impact of alcohol on youth development

  • Honestly address underage drinking

  • Organize and plan your approach

Talk it Out NC Toolkit

Conversation Goals

From the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), this framework will help you prepare for your first conversation about substance misuse with your teenager.

Tips For Talking it Out

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism offers parents detailed facts on teenage drinking and suggestions on how to create an open dialogue and maintain a strong parent-child relationship.

Start A Conversation

You’ll benefit from these ideas on how to connect with young people to talk about alcohol and answer difficult questions as they progress through their different stages of development.

Talk it Out NC Pledge

Drinking and driving puts everyone in danger. Show you’re on the same page by taking the Talk it Out NC Pledge

Resources For Parents

SAMHSA Health Services Administration has developed a library of fact sheets and brochures to help parents and other adult caregivers start and continue the conversation about substance misuse.

Personalized Action Plan

The recovery process from a substance use disorder is a journey for everyone involved. This guide will help your family create a recovery plan that will keep you moving forward, together.

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