Students 4 Epic Life

County: Jones

Grantee: Epic Life Solutions

Title: Students 4 Epic Life

Description: Students 4 Epic Life is an interactive educational program that looks to not impact youth for a day but to truly change and save lives. Students meet through assemblies (virtual or in person), social media, or one on one classroom engagement. Dr. Clay Worrell shares his personal journey of addiction over a 25-year span to help students understand that they have to the power to control their own outcomes.

Why This Project Was Chosen: This is the first time Jones County will be implementing an educational alcohol awareness program — members of the community had met Dr. Worrell previously and felt his message would be impactful to the students in Jones.

Who This Project Impacted: Jones Co. students in 6th – 8th grade

Results of Project: TBD based on first year implementation of program.