County: Bertie

Grantee: Bertie High School

Title: Save a Life Day

Description: The Save a Life Day was a result of a strong commitment by the Bertie County ABC Board to save the lives of all students in the county, especially those high school students attending the prom. The Bertie County ABC Board members asked the County Commissioners to declare the month of May ‘Save a Life Month’ in Bertie County. The event is recognized with a driving safety program. During the event, students attempt to drive a simulated vehicle where they are taught how to remain safe on the road. Students also learn about the dangers of driving distractions, driving while drowsy, seat belt usage, texting, and driving safety in general. Upon entering the event, videos of car crashes are on monitors, along with music in the background. We’ve also partnered with the Talk it Out NC campaign where we bring in Ambassadors to speak and share their experiences with drinking and driving. The Department of Health and Human Services has allowed us to use the BAT-Unit to do several exercises such as breathalyzer tests and walking in a straight line with vision-altering goggles. The event mostly targets grades 10-12 with thoughts of exposing middle and elementary students in the future.

Why This Project Was Chosen: The Bertie ABC Board chose this program because it seemed to be the best way to reach our youth and make them aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. With limited resources, agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services and the Talk it Out NC program from the NC ABC Commission have helped tremendously in making this event affordable.

Who This Project Impacted: This project will hopefully impact all of the students and parents who are involved in the event.

Results of Project: The Save a Life Day project has highly increased the awareness of the consequences of drinking and driving, texting while driving, and distracted driving. Many of the students were brought to tears after hearing the testimonies of the speakers and most of them signed pledges not to drink and drive.