Safe Kids Stanly County

Name of Board: Albemarle

County: Stanly

Grantee: Safe Kids Stanly County

Title of Project: Safe Kids Stanly County

Description of project: Prom promise, mock car crashes, work with TIO, utilize the speaker bureau through TIO, billboard with TIO slogans, and information on TIO the movie theaters, and works with the teachers — they are asking about texting and driving, vaping, and marijuana. Do education, presentations at the high school, bring in crashed cars, mock car crash, actors, makeup artist to make it look real to reduce drinking and driving. If they cannot get to all the high schools, they send a speaker.

Why you chose it: They have been doing it for years, and they see that it works.

Who this project impacted: High school students in the county

Results of project: YRBSS – recently completed but does not have results.