Increasing School Safety

County: Montgomery

Grantee: Montgomery County Schools

Title: Increasing School Safety

Description: To improve the security of the school buildings in Montgomery County Public Schools, electronic locks were installed at the main entrances of all school locations. Entry is authorized by either school personnel allowing the visitor to enter by remotely unlocking the door, or with the employee swiping an ID badge that contains an electronic sensor that also unlocks the door. The funds from the ABC Board were used to help offset the cost of the ID badges.

Why This Project Was Chosen: With school violence on the rise throughout the nation, monitoring and controlling the entrance to all school buildings was one method of deterring unauthorized individuals from having easy access to our schools.

Who This Project Impacted: This project has had a positive impact on the safety and security of the students, school personnel, parents and the surrounding community as it provides a safer and more secure learning environment.

Results of Project: The result of this project has made all school buildings more secure.