Game Plan for Life

County: Rowan

Grantee: Various education levels in both Rowan and Cabarrus school systems

Title: Game Plan for Life

Description: 17 years ago we began an initiative where we have brought multiple speakers/leaders to challenge students to abstinence from alcohol/drug abuse. We have taken our initiative to 200,000 students in colleges, high schools, middle schools and now pilot programs in elementary schools as well as private community initiatives.

Why This Project Was Chosen: Very little was being done in our area to combat the above mentioned issues; having been an educator/coach in our school system for 16 years I was well aware and our County Commissioners approached me about confronting these issues with our education initiatives.

Who This Project Impacted: Students, parents, community leaders, educational personnel, and many others including recognition by elected officials in Congress/State Legislators and County Commissioners as well as municipalities.

Results of Project: School Board requests yearly programs on every level as well as our colleges, private schools etc. Many positive stories resulting from our initiatives have been shared. Our program was recognized for it’s impact by the 114th U.S. Congress in the Congressional Record as well as by our former N.C Governor Pat McCrory and numerous State Legislators, and past ABC Chair Jim Gardner; Our work with initiatives began with the Century Council and then with Roman Gabriel’s Sold Out Initiative and most recently with the Joe Gibbs Game Plan for Life over the last sever (7) year period.