Underage Drinking

Drinking at Prom: 8 Ways Drinking Will Ruin Your Night

Prom is an exciting time for high schoolers. It’s a celebration you’ve been looking forward to for years. Friends and dancing are a perfect combination for a good time. However, it can all be ruined by an uninvited guest: alcohol. You don’t need alcohol to make your prom night one to remember. In fact, you’ll […]

Teen Alcohol Prevention Program: Talk It Out Pledge

Kids are growing up much faster than we realize or want. It’s a fact of life that few parents want to face. Between television, video games, friends, and social media, your kids may know more about alcohol than you think. So, how can parents find the help they need? Thankfully, there are teen alcohol prevention […]

College Drinking: What Every High School Graduate Needs to Know

Tens of thousands of North Carolina high school graduates will soon head off to college to continue their education. College is an important time of self-discovery and a transformational period in a young person’s life. For many, it might also be the first time they have lived away from home for an extended period of […]

Stop Teenage Drinking: 10 Steps to Keep Your Teen Safe

Parental instinct is a powerful force. So, don’t ignore yours when it’s telling you something is going on with your kid. It could be something simple like they did poorly on an algebra test, or it could be something more dangerous like they’re drinking alcohol. If you think your child is struggling, it’s up to […]

Prevent Impaired Driving: A Parent’s Guide to the X-Plan

Have you heard about the X-Plan? It was created by a father who works with teens during their addiction recovery. From his professional and personal experience, this dad believes that kids usually want to make good choices, but sometimes they need a little help. The X-Plan is basically an emergency escape hatch to get your […]

Parenting Advice for Kids who are Already Drinking

Despite the illegality of underage drinking, for many teenagers and young adults, alcohol use is already the norm. In fact, nearly 60 percent of young people have had at least one alcoholic beverage by the time they turn 18. As teens try to find some level of independence in their lives, they are not realistically […]

15 Alcohol Facts: What Parents Need to Know

Many people think they know everything they need to know when it comes to alcohol and underage drinking. However, the statistics out there may surprise you. Underage drinking is a serious problem throughout the United States. And drinking is more than dangerous for young people while they are still underage. The impact of underage drinking […]

Teen Alcohol Consumption: 5 Trends Parents Need to Know

Underage drinking is one of the most prevalent health issues facing young people in the United States today. Alcohol is one of the most commonly misused substances by teenagers. Beyond the legal ramifications, underage drinking poses enormous health and safety risks, including the negative effects of alcohol on the teenage brain. This issue is one […]