ABC Board Grants

Southeastern Crossroads

Name of Board: Elizabethtown  County: Bladen   Grantee: Southeastern Crossroads  Title of Project: Southeastern Crossroads  Description of project: Helping to support adult males dealing with drug addiction.   Why you chose it: D.A.R.E has a history of being ineffective.   Who this project impacted: Adult males  Results of project: Ongoing education about the benefits of healthy choices.  

Alcohol Abuse Education

Name of Board: West Jefferson  County: Ashe  Grantee: Mary Howell  Title of Project: Alcohol Abuse Education  Description of project: The distribution money has gone to Mary Howell for the last three to four years. She does yearly classes at middle and high schools.  Why you chose it: She is connected with several other ABC Boards in the state. She did a presentation at one of their board meetings and […]

Alcohol Education

Name of Board: Sparta  County: Alleghany  Grantee: Mary Howell  Title: Alcohol Prevention Description: Alcohol education in schools Why This Project Was Chosen: We knew it was needed in the community Who This Project Impacted: School-age youth Results of project: Virtual training

Community Outreach and Mentoring

County: Buncombe Grantee: North Buncombe High School Title: Community Outreach and Mentoring Description: The Weaverville Police Department began partnering with students at the local high school last year. Officers joined those students at a Town sponsored music event and ran a tent where they handed out free water, toys, and gifts with messages reminding citizens […]

Anchor Initiative

County: Brunswick Grantee: Brunswick Sheriff’s Charitable Foundation Title: Anchor Initiative Description: The Brunswick Sheriff’s Charitable Foundation has established the Anchor Initiative Fund to help the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office combat and treat the effects of drug and alcohol addiction in Brunswick County. The Anchor Initiative program will provide care, recovery, and treatment for any addict […]

SMART Moves Program

County: Iredell Grantee: Boys & Girls Clubs of the Piedmont Title: SMART Moves Program Description: The SMART (Skills Mastery and Resilience Training) Moves program focuses on prevention and education programs teaching youth decision-making and assertiveness skills to help them make better choices. Why This Project Was Chosen: This organization serves a large population of our […]

Statesville Area Scout Strong Initiative

County: Iredell Grantee: Boy Scouts Title: Statesville Area Scout Strong Initiative Description: It is a primary prevention program that uses physical and emotional fitness aspects of the scouting program to teach skills to resist drugs and alcohol and how to make healthy choices. Why This Project Was Chosen: Addresses youth education on alcohol and substance […]

Homeless Shelter Variety of Programs

County: Iredell Grantee:Fifth Street Ministries Title: Homeless Shelter Variety of Programs Description: Besides serving daily meals, Fifth Street also coordinates access to healthcare and provides transportation to treatment programs. Fifth Street hosts AA meetings on the main campus and provides individual and group therapy opportunities led by licensed therapists. Why This Project Was Chosen: Fifth […]