Cabarrus School’s District-Wide Student Assistance Program

Name of Board: Concord

County: Cabarrus

Grantee: Cabarrus County School Systems

Title of Project: Cabarrus School’s District-Wide Student Assistance Program

Description of project: Multiple drug education and prevention programs. Provides support to students and families experiencing substance abuse challenges, and will focus on social, emotional support in terms of developing healthy coping skills and life management strategies to prevent substance abuse. They offer school counseling that is closely aligned with substance abuse prevention and are now offering a virtual academy. They provide relevant resources for grades K–8 focusing on virtual education during this time of COVID. Focus of family engagement, not just the student, to offer a holistic approach. They hope to promote dialog between children and parents on healthy decision making, emotional regulation, self-management, and substance abuse refusal skills.

Why you chose it: Board selects the school system because the youth are the main focus to learn about alcohol and drug abuse, and the board thought this was the best way to reach all youth and parents in the county.

Who this project impacted: Youth and parents in Cabarrus County