University Rivals Come Together for Common Cause

Coaches speak out against underage drinking in North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC—They may be rivals on the basketball court, but coaches from two Triangle universities are uniting under a common cause.

Three prominent basketball coaches—Duke Men’s Basketball Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K), Duke Women’s Basketball Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie (Coach P) and N.C. State Women’s Basketball Head Coach Wes Moore—are speaking up to help spotlight the troubling issue of underage drinking in North Carolina.

Research shows that coaches have a highly respected voice among young children and parents, especially on tough issues like underage drinking. That’s why Coach K, Coach P and Coach Moore recently signed on in support of the NC ABC Commission’s Talk It Out campaign, the statewide initiative designed to raise awareness of the issue, and to educate and empower parents to talk with their children about underage drinking.

In a new series of videos, Coach K, Coach P and Coach Moore address the issue of underage drinking, and have some important messages for parents.

“Students look up to coaches as role models, both on and off the court. Parents look to coaches to help mentor their kids, instill a strong work ethic and set a moral compass,” said Jim Gardner, Chairman of the NC ABC Commission. “We’re proud to have the support of these influential coaches, and hope parents across the state heed their advice. We want to see parents and coaches working as a team to guide North Carolina’s youth in making positive, healthy decisions.”

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