Talk It Out NC Announces Sponsorship with the North Carolina Football Club (NCFC) for The Soccer Tournament (TST)

Partnership helps spread awareness of the dangers of underage drinking  

RALEIGH, N.C. – Talk it Out NC, the North Carolina initiative to prevent underage drinking, is excited to announce its partnership with the North Carolina Football Club (NCFC), beginning during The Soccer Tournament (TST). As part of the partnership, the Talk it Out NC logo will be on the sleeve of the NCFC Legends jerseys during TST and on the sleeve of the USL League One team’s kit for the remainder of the regular season to spread awareness about the dangers of teen alcohol misuse.

The highly anticipated international soccer event, taking place from June 1-4, at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, N.C., is an exciting opportunity to share the Talk it Out NC mission with teens and families around the world.

“We are so excited to be a sponsor for The Soccer Tournament,” said Hank Bauer, Chairman of the NC ABC Commission. “Being part of this international event allows us to spread our message about the dangers of underage drinking directly to teens and parents. With our logo on the jerseys of NCFC Legends players, families will see how important it is to talk it out.”

NCFC Head Coach and Academy Director, John Bradford, joins in the excitement of the partnership with Talk it Out NC. Bradford has helped NCFC develop one of the largest youth soccer academies in the nation with more than 15,000 players. He understands the importance of supporting young players and works to create a culture of fun and responsibility through soccer.

“Many of the young athletes I help coach and mentor face pressure to drink alcohol. For an athlete to reach their true potential, it’s important they treat their body and mind with respect, and that includes avoiding alcohol misuse and other risky behaviors,” said Bradford. “North Carolina youth look up to our athletes as role models, which is why this partnership with Talk it Out NC is so important. Our players are proud to wear the Talk it Out NC logo on their jerseys to show the importance of this mission to prevent underage drinking.”

Nearly a quarter of North Carolina high schoolers report drinking alcohol within the last month, and another recent study shows teens participating in a team sport in high school were more likely to drink alcohol. By collaborating with the North Carolina Football Club Legends during TST, Talk it Out NC aims to leverage the event’s excitement and broad audience to raise awareness about preventing underage drinking.

Through improved awareness and family involvement, Talk It Out NC endeavors to prevent underage alcohol misuse before it starts. For more information about Talk it Out NC, please visit


About Talk It Out NC:   The North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission launched the Talk It Out NC campaign in 2014. The goal of the multimedia awareness and engagement campaign is to reduce underage drinking by encouraging conversations between responsible adults and young people. Talk It Out NC offers resources for parents and others who need guidance talking to their children about the dangers of underage drinking. This aligns with the ABC Commission’s mission of working to strengthen the public health, wellness, and safety of communities across North Carolina.

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