Post Prom Ideas: 5 Fun Alcohol-Free Activities


The key ingredients to an amazing after-prom party are simple: fun and friends! So, why invite alcohol to the afterparty when you already have everything you need for an awesome time?

Every teen should have fun things to do after prom that don’t put their safety at risk. That’s why we came up with this list of fun, alcohol-free activities to keep the good times going — well after the main event! Show this list to your (or your teen’s) prom party and have everyone take a vote on their top choice. Then, take the lead and plan a post-prom activity for the books! Best of all? Any of these after-prom activities can be scaled up into a school-sponsored, supervised event! (Parents, take heed!)

Class of 2023, you deserve to create memories that last a lifetime on prom night. Which one of these post-prom ideas is your favorite?

Idea #1 – Karaoke Night

This post-prom idea works well for any fun-loving group that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. When someone gets up to belt out a song you’ve all known since childhood, it’s hard not to sing along! Even if you’re not the best singer, karaoke is one of those activities where talent doesn’t matter. Book a room at a karaoke lounge (the more privacy, the better!), or get a karaoke system for home and invite your friends to come over after prom wraps up. Got a hoarse voice the next day? You did it right!

Idea #2 – Late Night Potluck

Late night snacks, anyone? After dancing the night away, you’ll crave a chance to slip into comfy clothes and chow down on all your favorite treats. Potlucks are a great way to keep party costs low and have a memorable meal. Make sure each attendee is assigned a different item to bring so you avoid repeated foods or missing food groups. Grab a portable speaker and curate the perfect playlist and find a fun location, like a firepit. To make it even more special, ask everyone to think of a favorite memory and share it in a circle. The result? A delicious, cozy, heartwarming celebration of your high school years.

Idea #3 – Roller Rink

Young teen girl with roller skates holding up the peace sign

The roller rink was the place to be in the 1970s — and recently, it’s made a major comeback! Find a rink near you and sign up for an hour or two to roll around with your friends. Encourage everyone to change into a retro outfit if they’re up to it, or just something they can easily move in. Don’t worry about falling — it’s a given that everyone will take a tumble at some point. The roller rink is all about music, movement, and good vibes — not to mention, it’s a great place to stage a colorful Instagram photo shoot! Don’t have a local roller rink to visit? No problem! Grab your skates, bike, skateboard, or scooter and make the neighborhood your roller rink! Enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise and still having that fun quality time with your friends after prom.

Idea #4 – Arcade Night

For gamers, the arcade is a little slice of heaven. Where else can you get your fix of Pacman, foosball, Streetfighter, and air hockey all under the same roof? Some arcades even include indoor go-karting, mini golf, or laser tag — group-friendly games that will make everyone feel like a kid again in the best way. Again, make sure you call ahead of time to reserve space for your group, and remind your friends to bring cash to convert to coins for the machines — and to save a few bills for the photo booth, too! When you print your photo strips, make sure everyone gets at least one copy to bring home and stick on the fridge. If you don’t have access to an arcade, make your own by putting together a few gaming stations with different video games. You could even include a few stations that have board games to mix up the gaming options!

Young people at a party dressed nicely with confetti falling down

Idea #5 – Book a DJ

While every prom includes dancing, there are usually a few cheesy songs that nobody your age requested. Enter the afterparty dance — a chance to really let loose! Hire a professional DJ and rent a large space for the dance floor. Make sure adults are present on the sidelines to keep you hydrated with water. Welcome guests to request their favorite dance songs and let the DJ do their thing!

Want to add a unique twist to your dance party? Make it a silent disco! Everyone gets a separate set of headphones, but the music plays 100% in sync — keeping all dancers connected. Yes, it’s just as cool as it sounds.

Take the Pledge Together — and Protect Your Prom Night!

The rudest guest at every prom or post-prom party is alcohol. It has a way of abruptly ruining the fun by causing dangerous and messy situations. It has the audacity to dull down once-in-a-lifetime memories, and drinking at prom can even get you suspended (right before graduation — yikes!) or end prom early for everyone. Who wants that drama?

Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime night — and everyone deserves to enjoy themselves safely without feeling pressured to take unnecessary risks. Remember, your truest friends will always care more about your presence than that of any toxic substance. Take the Pledge with them today to protect each other’s prom experience and start planning the best post-prom party ever!

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