My Child Has No Friends: 10 Tips for Parents

Does your teenager spend every Friday night at home alone? It can be heartbreaking to give voice to the truth — my child has no friends. Rest assured, you are not alone, and there are steps you can take to help give them the push they need to socialize with their peers.  Learn Why Friendship […]

How to Avoid Drinking Alcohol When Your Friends Drink

Having the tools you need to combat peer pressure will help you avoid the risks associated with underage drinking. From a young age, you’ve listened to lectures from your parents and teachers encouraging you to follow your own path and make smart decisions to avoid negative peer pressure. Navigating the high school hallways and continuing […]

How to Be a Parent—Not a Friend—When Your Teen Needs it Most

  There’s a fine line between parenting and being a friend to your child. While both require great communication, quality time, and a sense of caring, parenting is a much different relationship than friendship. To stay close to their children as kids become teens, many parents cross the line to friendship. Parents want to feel […]

10 Dangerous TikTok Challenges Parents Need to Know About

  Staying on top of the latest TikTok challenges can help keep your children safe as they explore social media. Here’s what’s happening and how to address dangerous teen trends with your child. Social media is ubiquitous for today’s youth. Teens spend more than 90 minutes on social media each day, and the number of […]

12 Problems Teenagers Face in 2022

Spending two years navigating a pandemic is taking a toll on our nation’s young people and amplifying the problems teenagers face. Even though teenagers are less likely to suffer severe illness from COVID-19, the safety precautions had adverse outcomes. Three out of four parents said COVID hurt their children’s social interactions, and 46% of teens […]

Resilient Kids: 5 Essential Coping Skills for Kids

Taking steps to raise strong, resilient kids is one of the first steps parents can take to give them the coping skills to weather challenges and resist peer pressure to participate in underage drinking. The outbreak of the pandemic triggered a mental health crisis in our nation’s youth. Kids were forced to abandon their normal […]

Teen Independence: How to Encourage It, Safely

As you begin loosening the reins and giving your teen independence, make sure to set boundaries and arm your child with the tools they need to make good decisions to stay safe. Fostering teen independence is a balancing act for parents who want to give their kids freedom but have safety concerns. Although your first […]

Legal Consequences of Providing Alcohol to Minors

Just as teens feel peer pressure to drink underage, parents often feel pressured to facilitate underage drinking or provide alcohol to their kids. Parents and other adults come up with countless reasons for what’s ultimately a dangerous and consequential decision. Some argue, “At least if kids drink at my house, I can oversee it and […]

Alcohol Content: What Your Teen Should Know

Teaching your children about alcohol content and how it can affect them will help your teenager make safe decisions regarding alcohol consumption throughout their life. In the United States, one standard drink has 14 grams of pure alcohol, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reported. Yet, the amount of liquid in a glass […]

Troubled Teens: 5 Signs Parents Should Never Ignore

Growing up is challenging, and today’s teenagers are facing problems that are unique to the present time. Understanding the signs your child might be suffering from some common teenage problems is the first step to helping troubled teens face adversity. Even the most patient of parents will find their patience tested when navigating the mood […]