Talk It Out is proud to work together with a large number of organizations who share our commitment to reduce underage drinking. Our partners include representatives from all of the following:

  • Education Community
  • Medical Community
  • First Responders and Law Enforcement

The complete list of our Partners is below.

Education Community

North Carolina Coaches Association

The North Carolina Coaches Association exists to promote and improve athletics in North Carolina’s public schools and to foster high standards of ethics and sportsmanship.

Alcohol and Drug Council of North Carolina

The mission of the Alcohol Drug Council of North Carolina is to reduce human suffering and the economic cost of alcoholism and other substance use disorders. They advocate for prevention, early interventions and treatment that includes a system of care. For help, contact the Hotline 800-688-4232. (Program Contact)

Together For Resilient Youth (T.R.Y.)

Durham Together for Resilient Youth (TRY) prevents substance abuse among youth by reducing community risk factors through advocacy, education, mobilization and action. TRY can provide presentations on a variety of topics including Drunk, Drugged, Distracted Driving Prevention, and Substance Abuse Prevention for Youth or Youth and Parents. (Program Contact)

Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines
Girl Scouts is 3.2 million strong – 3.2 million girls and adults who believe girls can change the world.  It began over 100 years ago with one woman, Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low, who believed in the power of every girl.  Today, Girl Scouts continue her vision of building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place by helping them discover their inner strengths, passions, and talents. And with programs from coast to coast and across oceans, there’s a chance for every girl to do something amazing. In partnership with 10,000 adult volunteers, Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines serves more than 26,000 girl members in 41 central and eastern North Carolina counties. The council’s administrative headquarters is located in Raleigh, with additional program and service centers located in Goldsboro, Fayetteville and Wilmington. (Program Contact)

Boy Scouts of America, Occoneechee Council and Piedmont Council and East Carolina Council and Old Hickory Council

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. The BSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.  Scouting has a program called SCOUTStrong that integrates active lifestyles, healthy eating, and emotional fitness into everything that the Boy Scouts of America does through alliances, campaigns, and updated programs. This program also includes a commitment to stay drug and alcohol free. (Program Contact)

North Carolina Association of ABC Boards
The North Carolina Association of ABC Boards represents over 140 county and municipal ABC boards operating throughout North Carolina. The association works with its members to promote responsible alcohol sales through control, provide the highest level of service, and generate revenue for North Carolina communities.

North Carolina Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association
The mission of NC Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association is to provide young drivers of North Carolina with comprehensive driver’s education and training; both in the classroom and on the road. The association incorporates parents so they know what to expect focusing on topics such as insurance, financial, and potential legal consequences due to traffic violations, charges, and/or convictions.

North Carolina Parent Resource Center
Founded in 2004 as a subsidiary to Families in Action, The Parent Resource Center has expanded efforts across North Carolina to stop substance abuse by collaborating with schools, community coalitions, and business organizations by recognizing and supporting parents as the best preventative method to stop substance abuse amongst youths. The Parent Resource Center offers education, training, and resources and hosts an annual conference that educates and engages parents and prevention professionals on how to be involved with their children. (Program Contact)

North Carolina Parent Teacher Association
The North Carolina PTA (NCPTA) is the state’s oldest and largest volunteer organization advocating for the education, health, safety, and success of all children and youth, while building strong families and communities. PTAs across North Carolina impact more than 685,000 children and their families. (Program Contact)

The Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education
Since 1991, the Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education has impacted the lives of more than one million children, youth, and their families in 87 counties in North Carolina through health education.  As a nonprofit organization, the Poe Center’s mission is to educate and empower North Carolina children, youth, and families by providing interactive health sessions that are research based and aligned with the NC Department of Public Instruction’s Essential Standards for Healthful Living Education. (Program Contact)

Rise Above the Norm
The “Rise Above the Norm” Alcohol Abuse Education (AAE) program is designed to educate middle and high school-aged students about the potential negative consequences of drinking alcohol to their health, safety, and wellbeing in order to prevent or delay the onset of alcohol use. An interactive teaching approach, held at the school, is aimed at enhancing the student’s knowledge and social skills thereby equipping them to resist the pressure to use alcohol.(Program Contact)

4-H Health Rocks!
The 4-H Health Rocks!® is an evidence and research based healthy living curricula, with the goal of bringing youth, families and communities across the United States together to reduce tobacco, alcohol and drug use by youth. Health Rocks! helps youth develop life skills in the area of critical thinking, decision-making, communication, managing feelings, stress management and goal setting to help them resist risky behaviors. It also provides accurate health information regarding statistics and consequences of youth tobacco, alcohol, and drug usage. (Program Contact)

StreetSafe: Lifesaving Driving Experience
StreetSafe provides presentations with the goal of saving the lives of our youngest, most at-risk drivers. They offer lively interactive discussion on driving behaviors and decision making, raising awareness on the leading causes of crashes for young drivers and teaching teens how to think differently behind the wheel.
(Program Contact)

Medical Community

North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians
The North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians, Inc. (NCAFP) is a nonprofit professional association based in Raleigh representing approximately 3,700 family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students across North Carolina.  It is the largest medical specialty association in the state and is a constituent chapter of the 120,900 member-strong American Academy of Family Physicians.  The mission of the NCAFP is to advance the specialty of Family Medicine, in order to improve the health of patients, families, and communities in our state.

North Carolina Medical Society
The North Carolina Medical Society is the largest and oldest professional member organization in North Carolina, representing approximately 12,500 physicians and physician assistants who practice in the state. Founded in 1849, the Society seeks to promote access to quality health care for all citizens in North Carolina and champions initiatives that seek to improve quality of care and promote patient safety.

North Carolina Osteopathic Medical Association
The North Carolina Osteopathic Medical Association serves as the resource for all doctors who practice osteopathic medicine in the state. The organization focuses on the well-being and education of osteopathic medicine by promoting awareness of osteopathic medicine and how doctors of osteopathic medicine can best serve their patients. Additionally, the association focuses on educating the public on the history of osteopathic practices and its effects on the body in comparison with traditional medicine.

North Carolina Pediatric Society
Founded in 1931, The North Carolina Pediatrics Society currently boasts a membership of almost 2,000 pediatric care professionals. The mission is to empower pediatricians and our partners to foster the physical, social, and emotional well-being of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. NCPeds supports the ongoing success of its membership through education, advocacy, community awareness, benchmarking, and promoting standards of excellence.

First Responders and Law Enforcement

North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police
The NCACP was created in 1976 to provide a favorable environment in which the Chiefs of North Carolina could educate and improve themselves professionally; recognize outstanding achievements in their profession and association and its allied groups through researching and distributing information and maintaining a resource contact system of its members; conduct meetings; and retain competent counsel to advise and represent the membership and its interests. NCACP currently has over 300 members statewide.

North Carolina Association of EMS Administrators
The North Carolina Association of Emergency Medical Services Administrators focuses on the education and well-being of all EMS Administrators. The Association provides educational opportunities for those who wish to expand their career in the EMS field and to enhance collaboration between administrators to identify and reduce issues affecting EMS quality of care.

North Carolina Association of Rescue and E.M.S.
The North Carolina Association of Rescue and E.M.S. caters to all organized rescue and EMS personnel by providing training, promoting welfare, and keeping abreast of legislation affairs. Members of the EMS association receive additional benefits by receiving education dollars and providing college scholarships for children who have lost their parents in the line of duty. Additionally, the association fosters an atmosphere of well-being improving the collaboration of all EMS personnel to maintain high quality of emergency care and responsiveness within their own respective communities.

North Carolina Retired Peace Officers Association
The North Carolina Retired Peace Officers Association was founded in 1977 and serves over 5,000 retired law enforcement personnel in who served or lives in North Carolina. The association supports its members by fighting to maintain retirement benefits and advocating for legislative changes benefitting the law enforcement community. The association also supports children of parents who were disabled or lost in the line of duty by awarding college scholarships.

North Carolina State Firefighters’ Association
With 50,000 plus members, the North Carolina State Firemen’s Association serves as the largest resource for firefighters statewide. Founded in 1887, the association works diligently with its members by providing updated training, recognition, resources for pension/retirement planning, and benefits for injured firefighters and/or families of firefighters lost during the line of duty.

NC Vision Zero
NC Vision Zero is a collaborative, data-driven initiative to end roadway deaths and serious injuries in North Carolina. As a centralized clearinghouse for data, information, and outreach, NC Vision Zero unifies roadway safety stakeholders and acts to prompt strategic discussion. NC Vision Zero will prevent roadway death and injury by bridging the gap between existing traffic safety campaigns and through education, strategic guidance, support, and collaboration.

Would your organization like to partner with the Talk It Out campaign? Please contact:

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