Talk It Out Campaign Launches Spanish Language Website

Anti-underage drinking effort seeks to reach more NC parents

RALEIGH, NC – October 4, 2016: The NC ABC Commission announced today the launch of the Spanish language version of the Talk It Out campaign website. The Talk It Out campaign is a statewide multimedia effort designed to raise awareness of underage drinking, and empower parents to talk with their children about the issue.

“Underage drinking is a pervasive issue in North Carolina—one that crosses all demographics in every county across the state,” said NC ABC Commission Chairman Jim Gardner. “We want to encourage all parents across the state to talk to their children early, often and openly about the real dangers of underage drinking. We hope this new site will help reach even more parents with tools to have these conversations.”

Recent research shows that the Talk It Out campaign, launched originally in December 2014, is starting to have an impact on perception of underage drinking and the volume of communication about the issue, but also shows that there is still a large awareness gap.

“While parents are starting to realize underage drinking is a bigger problem than they once believed, far too many maintain the ‘not-my-child’ mentality,” said NC ABC Commission Chairman Jim Gardner. “The reality is that underage drinking can affect anyone’s child.”

Now in its third phase, Talk It Out is focused on the immediate and long-term effects of alcohol on the adolescent brain. The goal of the third phase, launched this July, is to continue closing the awareness gap, help more parents realize the severity of the issue, and get more parents and children talking about the real dangers of underage drinking.

Visit to view the new Spanish language website.