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Talk it Out NC is an initiative provided by the ABC Commission to help combat the issue of underage drinking in the state of North Carolina. At TIO, we understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork. To further our reach and services, we’ve developed a variety of ways that ABC Boards, Coalitions, alliances, and other organizations can partner with Talk it Out NC for resources.

Talk it Out NC encourages parents and the parenting community (educators, counselors, mentors, community leaders) to talk to our children openly about the risks and consequences of underage drinking. Talking to our children and young adults about the consequences of underage drinking will give them the tools they need to make positive decisions about not drinking alcohol underage.


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Overview of Services

Social Media

We post social media content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn weekly.

A large part of our social media content is the promotion of events and organizations with similar goals in our field across NC.
Ways to get involved:

  • Share our content on your pages!
  • Tag us on your content Insert Social Handles
  • Complete the form for help promoting your event and/or organization through social media

Email Marketing

Talk It Out curates a monthly email newsletter distributed to over 10,000 people who have opted in for this content. One section of the monthly newsletter is often dedicated to the work of local, state-based coalitions, alliances, partners, ABC Boards, or field-peers.
Ways to get involved:

  • Send us your content/events for potential inclusion in the newsletter
  • Sign up for the newsletter and utilize the content in your organizations
  • Interested in utilizing Talk It Out content in your own newsletter? We can send you customized content to help spread the message to Start the Conversation.

Events or Speaking Opportunities

Talk It Out NC Ambassadors are located throughout the state for speaking opportunities. The TIO ambassadors are professionals in their fields.
Available services:

  • Talk it Out NC Ambassadors are available for events and speaking opportunities across the state
  • Speaker opportunities for professionals in the field as part of our Talk it Out Tuesday Webinar Series
  • Event support through Talk it Out NC Ambassadors, collateral, social media, etc.

Public Relations

Talk It Out NC is often featured in the news as an N.C. underage drinking prevention resource. Earned media is a valuable resource in spreading the message, as well as to help highlight valuable initiatives throughout the state.
Ways to get involved:

  • Contact us if you have an event or program which you would like to partner with Talk It Out to garner media coverage.
  • Provide us with the results of your TIO events to share with the state on the TIO platform.

Print and Digital Collateral

Talk It Out curates a monthly email newsletter We create printed, digital display, and presentation-style poster event materials regularly in partnership or directly for various parties around the state. The majority of the below can be customized to include both the Talk It Out logo as well as your organization’s logo.
Available collateral for your use:

  • Display ads (often used for digital advertisement)
  • Social media graphics
  • Infographics
  • Spanish resources
  • Billboard creative
  • 15 and 30-second radio commercials (English and Spanish)
  • Printed materials (contingent upon stock availability)
  • Blog content
  • Broadcast 15 and 30 second commercials (can be used for digital advertisement, television, movie theater advertisements, and more)

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  • NC Medical Society

Start The Conversation. Stop Underage Drinking.