take the pledge to talk it out together

Alcohol is never an answer. In fact, it’s often a problem. Pledge to be safe around alcohol and with the Talk It Out Pledge Card. It’s important and it might just save your life. You’ll also get periodic texts from coaches, celebrities, and other kids with tips on how to stay safe. Thank you for making your pledge today!

Pledge to teach your children about underage drinking. The Talk It Out Pledge Card is a great reminder to talk with your teen about the dangers of alcohol and help them when they come to you. It’s also a way to get periodic information on how to keep your child safe and away from drinking. Thank you for your pledge!


Carolina Stars Partner with Talk It Out NC to Encourage Families to Start the Conversation

The Carolina Stars mission is to develop hockey players in a safe and fun environment and to provide an instructional experience that allows a player to improve their skills, knowledge of the game, and overall self-confidence as it relates to the game through a “positive” learning experience.

The Stars also encourages all players to live healthy lifestyles to help them develop into top–notch players. With this in mind, the Carolina Stars has partnered with Talk It Out NC to encourage families to start the conversation about underage drinking early. The Stars know the importance of families having these conversations early to ensure players feel supported and can have open conversations about alcohol.

Before every game, players in the Carolina Hockey League will take the pledge with their parents to start the conversation about underage drinking, call someone if they end up in an uncomfortable position, and more. Parents also pledge to not punish their child if the child calls in an unsafe situation and to set a healthy example regarding alcohol. This simple act is one step forward in reducing underage drinking in North Carolina.

For more information about the Carolina Stars, visit www.carolinastarshockey.com.